The first of many NFT collections - Track Drops. Designed in a form of collectible cards, this first collection is Wukong’s first Original after his long hiatus. The pioneer of Asian Bass Music, the Phoenix Rave is a mixture of the Asian ethnic sound and heavy bass. Collecting one of these will get you exclusive access to Wukong himself and many more benefits to the many other collections in the future.

Get your sneakers ready and game face on, a new era is here.

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Alfy Ngor, aka Wukong, is a Singaporean music producer and DJ.

He prides himself on being a new breed of musician, blending ethnically Asian elements and unique sounds into electronic dance music. He spearheads this movement called Oriental Rave. After a long hiatus, Wukong is finally back with an arsenal of dancefloor weapons.

We dare you to experience a Wukong live set which promises extreme cardio and euphoria, a rave experience like no other.


Wukong is on a quest to push the state of Asian bass music throughout the World and to elevate and inspire everyone around him to greatness. Come witness the rise of the Monkey King and join us on this amazing journey. We are the Oriental Rave Gang.

Using NFTs to connect you with Wukong - Collect his NFT series and go on a journey of a lifetime and be part of the greatest EDM movement of all time.